Notifications of participation – old legislation

Notification Art. 74§7 of the Law of April 1st 2007 – February 20, 2008

According to article 74 § 7of the Law of the 1st of April 2007 on takeover bids s.a. D’Ieteren n.v. received on 20/02/2008 notifications from following shareholders which include all legally required statements and in particular mention that, separately or acting in concert with other people, these shareholders own more than 30% of the voting securities issued by the company:

  • the Nayarit Group composed of Nayarit Participations s.c.a., Mr Roland D’Ieteren and Mr. Nicolas D’Ieteren, mutually associated. This group acts in concert with Copeba s.a.;
  • the SPDG Group, composed of SPDG s.a., Reptid Corporation (Delaware), Mrs Catheline Périer-D’Ieteren and Mr. Olivier Périer, mutually associated, acting in concert with Copeba s.a.;
  • the above mentioned groups Nayarit and SPDG acting in concert;
  • Copeba s.a. acting in concert with, on the one hand, the Nayarit Group and, on the other hand, the SPDG Group.
  • Notification Mr. Roland D’Ieteren and Nayarit Group  (French only)
  • Notification SPDG Group  (French only)
  • Notification s.a. Cobepa  (French only)

Notification of shareholdings – March 27, 2007

The Board of Directors of D’Ieteren received today notification from Nayarit Participations s.c.a. that it acquired 185,000 ordinary D’Ieteren shares bringing its participation to 25.21% of the shares representing the capital and to 23.12% of the total voting rights.

Notification of shareholdings – December 26, 2006
The Board of Directors of D’Ieteren S.A. today received a declaration of transparency from SPDG S.A., acting on behalf of the individuals and legal entities mentioned below, informing the company
  • of the acquisition of 65,316 shares by SPDG S.A.
  • of the acquisition of 42,246 shares by Nayarit Participations sca
  • that new individuals have joined the concerted actions between SPDG S.A., Cobepa and an individual, on the one hand, and Nayarit Participations, Cobepa and an individual, on the other
  • of the existence of concerted action between SPDG S.A. and the related persons, and Nayarit Participations sca and the related persons.

Notification of shareholdings – November 14, 2005

The Board of Directors of D’Ieteren received today notification from Cobepa that this company acquired the total interest detained by Cobema s.a. in D’Ieteren s.a., i.e. 425,000 ordinary shares, before Cobema was taken out of the Cobepa group.