The number of vehicles fitted with non-conforming software in Belgium is known

The Volkswagen Group has informed D'Ieteren Auto that in Belgium 393,648 vehicles are equipped with the diesel engine type EA189 (EU 5) and the non-conforming software. 197,328 vehicles of the brands Volkswagen and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are concerned, as well as 121,712 Audi, 23,539 SEAT and 51,069 Skoda.

Today, the Volkswagen group has not yet informed about the technical procedure that needs to be followed in order to address the situation. We would like to remind that the Volkswagen group ensures that all costs arising from the necessary measures to be taken on concerned vehicles are at their charge and that there is absolutely no impact on the technical safety or reliability of the vehicles involved.

D'Ieteren Auto will inform all concerned customers by post as soon as possible. Customers wanting to verify theirselves if their vehicle is involved, can do this via the website as from the end of this week.

As soon as the Volkswagen group publishes the technical procedure to be followed, D'Ieteren Auto will invite its customers to the official dealerships of their brand in order to perform the required interventions.