D'Ieteren Auto reacts to the publication by the Volkswagen group of irregularities concerning CO2 emissions

D'Ieteren Auto has been informed through a press release published by the Volkswagen Group on November 3rd, that approximately 800,000 vehicles worldwide might be concerned by irregularities in their CO2 emissions values. The Volkswagen Group is working closely with the regulatory authorities to determine the consequences of this matter.

At this stage, D'Ieteren Auto has not yet received any further information from the Volkswagen Group and can therefore not confirm whether any vehicles are affected by these irregularities in Belgium.

Should this be the case, D'Ieteren Auto will contact the various relevant federal and regional authorities to avoid any financial impact on customers. The Volkswagen Group has confirmed to assume all costs related to these irregularities.

The Volkswagen Group ensures that there is no impact on the technical safety of the vehicles involved.