D'Ieteren Auto offers to replace existing orders by diesel EU6 vehicles

D’Ieteren Auto offers all customers who have ordered a vehicle equipped with an EA189 (EU5) engine who are awaiting delivery and who have not yet registered their vehicle, the option to change their order for an equivalent vehicle equipped with an EU 6 diesel engine that, according to the Volkswagen group, is in full compliance with all applicable legal and environmental standards.

This initiative by D’Ieteren Auto concerns around 800 existing orders in Belgium for Volkswagen, Volkswagen commercial, Audi, SEAT and Škoda vehicles. The cost of the operation, which amounts to around EUR 2 million, will be totally in charge of D’Ieteren Auto.

The decision follows D’Ieteren Auto’s announcement on 26 September that it will temporally stop the sales of vehicles which might be equipped with the non-conforming software.

D’Ieteren Auto invites its customers who are concerned by this new measure to contact their dealer as from tomorrow.

Vehicles that are awaiting delivery but already registered are not concerned by this operation. If these vehicles are affected by the irregularities, they might be the subject of a recall.