Moleskine - Purpose

Contributing to the development and sharing of human knowledge and culture

Moleskine is an aspirational, global brand, synonymous with the lifestyle-of-the-creativeclass, with core values rooted in culture, travel, memory, creativity and personal identity. A symbol of contemporary nomadism, Moleskine connects with contemporary creativity and is present across a network of websites, blogs, online groups and virtual archives, not least within the brand’s own online community, myMoleskine, which has circa 140,000 members. With headquarters in Milan and offices in Cologne, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, the company sells its products through a multichannel distribution platform (Wholesale, Retail, E-commerce and B2B) in more than 115 countries and more than 29,000 outlets.

Moleskine businessThe portfolio goes beyond the iconic paper-based product categories (notebooks, diaries and journals) to encompass bags, writing instruments, reading accessories, digital apps and hybrid products such as the Smart Writing System, which can migrate content from paper to digital devices and vice versa. The company also runs freestanding Moleskine Cafés in Milan and Beijing and in two additional locations inside Geneva airport and at the Thalia bookstore in Hamburg. This innovative format provides a contemporary take on the “Café Littéraire” concept, adding Moleskine brand values and products to a unique café experience.