• People satisfaction

D’Ieteren Auto carries out regular satisfaction surveys with all of its employees in order to determine ways to improve worker motivation and well-being. The latest survey, completed in 2016, showed an overall satisfaction rate of 74.5%. The aim is to reach 80% by 2018. To achieve this goal, the Human Resources department has taken various initiatives to respond to the wishes of its employees: a new job classification, an overhaul of the pay structure, ...

  • Ensuring the transfer of experience and expertise: a never-ending task

In order to strengthen the company’s foundations, D’Ieteren Auto ensures the handing down of experience and expertise from the older generation of employees to the new arrivals. The “Succession management” programme considers which competences are required for the future and the best way to preserve the knowledge of the older employees in order to ensure that this expertise is handed from one generation to the next. For the new arrivals, the ‘Onboarding programme’ aims to integrate them smoothly into their new environment, thereby maximising their chances of success and rapidly developing their level of expertise.

D’Ieteren Auto places the training and qualifications of its employees and future recruits at the heart of its development strategy. In 2016, the company’s employees benefited from 3,848 days of technical and/or behavioural training. 80% of staff were able to complete a training course, with an average of 3.3 days of training per person. The personal and professional development of employees is also encouraged through private appraisals and coaching sessions conducted by managers throughout the year. Managers are also given support and assessed on their leadership abilities.

  • Well-being and safety at work

Since 2015, office spaces have been re-designed and employees brought closer together as a way of encouraging team cohesion. The watchwords of this concept are flexibility, efficiency and creativity. Employees are encouraged to collaborate more closely together and the sharing of ideas and good practices form the heart of this approach.

In terms of safety in the workplace, workers in maintenance workshops for example have carried out risk assessments, made inventories of protection and intervention measures and conducted workshops on fire prevention and safety, etc. This led to a significant reduction of the seriousness of workplace accidents.



The Belron Exceptional Customer Service Award (BECSA) has been created to recognise Belron people who are providing exceptional service to customers throughout the year – our everyday heroes. In 2016, it was the eighth year of the awards. To date, there has been a total of 372 nominations.

A record 76 Belron people were nominated for the 2016 BECSA. With stories ranging from those consistently providing exceptional customer service to those who have saved lives.