• The Way We Work

Since 2014, a code of ethics entitled “The Way We Work” reminds employees of the company’s values and ethical practices. The code, which is available on the company intranet, covers the following themes: behaviour in the workplace, fair treatment and equality of opportunity, health and safety, confidentiality, the protection and appropriate use of company resources, conflicts of interest, gifts and recreational activities, and the drafting of accurate and reliable reports. All employees are aware of the code. D’Ieteren Auto has also implemented inhouse policies in all its activities to strengthen its governance practices. These policies contain practical instructions and the means to implement them.

  • Responsible purchasing

All suppliers of D’Ieteren Auto’s products and services are invited to sign the company’s “Public purchasing charter”. This implies a de facto commitment to respecting the ten principles of the UN’s Global Compact in their commercial dealings with D’Ieteren Auto. On a more proactive level, D’Ieteren Auto has adopted a more responsible purchasing policy. In addition to the traditional criteria of price/quality and the financial solidity of its suppliers, the company now also takes into account various social, environmental and ethical factors when choosing the best offer and making purchasing decisions.




  • Our Way of Working

Our commitment to ensure we maintain the highest levels of ethical standards wherever we operate continues to be reinforced by the Belron Code of Ethics "Our Way of Working". 

  • Improving the management of suppliers

The Belron Procurement Team has been developing an efficient way of assessing suppliers’ adherence to the Belron Code of Conduct (BCoC). The process now being implemented helps purchasers to identify and categorise the risk associated with their suppliers. A web-based system called ACESIA is used to assess adherence to the BCoC and where necessary, carry out  assessments and audits to check compliance and effectively manage the risk. The system enables users to produce reports to easily allow purchasers to include sustainability in their evaluation and management of suppliers. By establishing a Belron-wide system it also reduces the requirement for international suppliers to repeat their assessment country by country as they can complete it once and share it.

Carglass France are implementing this new system and once the initial learnings have been captured, Carglass Germany, Belron UK and Belron Canada have confirmed they will be next to roll it out to their suppliers. The new system is also being used to assess the suppliers managed by the Central Purchasing team, along with a programme of on-site audits for the largest and most strategic suppliers.