D’Ieteren Auto invests continuously in enhancing the skills of its workers and, in 2014, devoted 6,259 days to technical and/or behavioural training. 78% of staff was thus trained, averaging 3.7 days of training per employee. Staff are also encouraged to pursue personal and professional development during assessment and coaching interviews that managers conduct during the year. All executives and senior managers also undergo an assessment process, with a view to developing their leadership and, in turn, improving the working environment. In addition to the training of its own staff, D’Ieteren Auto has developed a broad training programme for the staff of the independent dealerships of its networks. A total of 1,375 days of training were organised in 2014. D’Ieteren Auto is also committed to developing collaborations with schools, with a view to supporting their teaching activities and helping young people to build their future career plans. The company has also taken various measures in this area:

  • the organisation of free courses for more than 100 school teachers, covering the latest technological developments of vehicles;
  • the provision of technical information for students and teachers; • practical on-the-job training for students;
  • the establishment of sandwich courses that allow job seekers to combine a school curriculum with a career;
  • support for students in achieving their final study, including company internships.

Since 2014, D’Ieteren Auto has been an active member of the Fondation pour l’Enseignement, which includes the Union Wallonne des Entreprises (UWE), its Brussels counterpart BECI, the five compulsory education networks, AGORIA, and more than 20 Belgian companies. Its mission is to act as the main point of contact between schools and businesses, and to help improve teaching quality and balance through practical projects involving key stakeholders. The Fondation pour l’Enseignement is designed to encourage member businesses and schools to share best practices. D’Ieteren Auto has committed to providing internships for teachers in 2015, to help boost their knowledge. D’Ieteren Auto will also provide a range of specific skills (financial and legal advice, building maintenance advice, etc.) to school leadership teams who request this type of support, to help them with day-to-day management of their schools.



The people vision in Belron is to be “the best place you will ever work” and, although facing tough market conditions, enhancing employee engagement is a key focus for all businesses in the group. It has continued to achieve external recognition for Best Employer status in many markets. Carglass® Germany achieved this for the first time in 2014 and Smith & Smith® in New Zealand achieved a 7th place position. In 2014 Belron received a record breaking 51 nominations for the Belron Exceptional Customer Service Award (BECSA) with 16 business units putting forward their enthusiastic and dedicated winners of their local recognition programmes. Each of the 51 heroes had an exceptional customer service story to tell.

This year’s inspiring stories included:

  • Technicians going to extraordinary lengths to get their customers back on the road;
  • Teams and individuals giving invaluable help to people in extreme weather situations;
  • Branch managers who inspire first class performance and customer service in their teams;
  • Human resource professionals developing initiatives to help their colleagues across the business;
  • Innovative team members developing new technology and social media to make the customer experience even more impressive.

All nominations are judged by a panel led by the Group Chief Executive Officer together with leaders across the business. From the 51 nominations, 21 winners representing 13 countries were awarded. Below you can read the testimonials of Jack Gregory and Aris Kalfas, two of the winners.